About me: 1. I am not a full-time photographer, I have a time-consuming day job. 2. However, I don’t consider myself to be an amateur (amateurs take shitty photos and/or have stupid beards). 3. I learned photography the hard way (color slides and photochemistry are expensive and/or strong smelling). 4. I hate talking about pixels and resolutions because photo art is not coding. 5. I am happily married to artist Janine Wolff (have a look at her website).

About photography: With a billion images taken by cellphone lenses every day, photography is rapidly losing any form of artistic relevance and is just about to become a means of visual pollution, rather than being a branch of visual arts. Only a few years ago, every single photo had to be paid for and therefore demanded careful consideration. Right after the digital imaging revolution, maybe there was a kind of charm in explicitly going the new, the opposite way: Shoot ’em all, let mob sort ’em out! Today, these days are over and left us drowning in an ocean of irrelevant images, mobile-edited in pseudo-retro style or unrestrained overfed with disgusting visual effects. From that point of view, I would be happy to be recognized as an old-fashioned photographer, although I am not immune against the blessings of digital wonderland. In the end, it’s all about the photo and that you like what you see. I hope, you do.

About this site: Wolffsbilder.de is built around a WordPress installation, using the commercial theme »Salient« and some free stuff.

About copyright: Unless otherwise stated, everything you see – especially any photo! – is copyrighted material and may not be modified or distributed in printed, digital or any other form. Feel free to share my work or link to any page of this website, but don’t forget to mention the author (that’s me!). For buying prints of my photo art or commercial use of my photos, please send me a message.

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